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Customer Development

Before you spend time and money building a product, it is imperative that you validate that people want what you are creating.

We help corporate startups find their ideal customer and create products or services that people rave about.

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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is not about finding a silver bullet. It is all about adopting the right mindset and working in complementary teams using proven methods.

We help Scale-Ups to grow by providing your organization with a fully equipped and data-driven growth hacking team.

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We collected interesting insights together during the Growth Model Template strategic session. Furthermore, experiments were set up professionally and with proper time management. The results exceeded expectations and were backed with data. What surprised me the most was the personal care and passion, it felt like we were all co-owners of the product. Did Bammboo realize growth? Absolutely! The conversion rate skyrocketed and the costs decreased.

Esther BennenbroekGrowth Consultant at DELA

We have used different innovation models and by adopting the Growth Model Template as a systematic digital marketing approach, we can bring the business to a next level. So this is a very good framework and also the coaches are really professional. I really appreciate it. I certainly will recommend you in the future.

Yong Qin Zeng Innovation Lead at PHILIPS HealthWorks, Shanghai

The Growth Architects of Bammboo are both creative and strategic. They proactively work along the development and positioning of different concepts. With their executing power and expertise we were able to validate two propositions in one month!

Wendy PersoonInnovatie Manager at ARAG Legal Tech Studio

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Thierry de Vries

Co - Founder | Business Development

Bart de Lege

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Dionee Gouvernante

Growth Architect | Customer Development

Thomas de Vries

Growth Architect | Content Strategist

Michel Faas

Growth Architect | Data Strategist

Martine de Ridder

Validation Expert | Business Modeling | WBC

Maarten Smulders

CFO | Strategy Designer

Mélanie Gozzo

UX | Interaction Designer

Anjali Jharap

Growth Architect | BI Specialist

Paul Verpoorten

Business Developer | Strategy Designer

Dave Ligthart

CTO | Full Stack Dev | Trive

Joris Slagter

CTO / Full Stack Dev / Trive

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Senior Growth Hacker | Senior Marketeer

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SEM Specialist | SEO SEA

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Social Media Specialist | Content Distribution